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17 summer privateWhat is Private Dining?

Private Dining at Joseph Cuccia Catering is spending the evening in our open kitchen with your guests and only your guests. All you have to do is make the reservation and the restaurant is yours for the entire evening.  

Is there a minimum of guests?

Two (2) is our minimum. We will open our space for a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 30 guests and anywhere in between.

Will there be other guests in the restaurant?

No. Your private dining experience will be 100% private. We only book one private dining event an evening.

What will be on the menu?

The best part of private dining is having unlimited menu options. We offer our Seasonal Chef’s Table menu or customized menu planning with Executive Chef Joseph Cuccia.

Are there specific days for private dining? 

We offer private dining on Sunday and Monday by reservation only. We ask that you make reservations one month in advance.  

What is customized menu planning? 

You will work with Executive Chef Joseph Cuccia to create the perfect menu for you and your guests. We will gladly accommodate any and all dietary requirements.

Can we bring our own wine?

Yes. Never forget your favorite wine!

We want to hear from you.  To make a reservation please call us at 973-928-4780 or email us at  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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